Hamilton County Ambulance Service
Aurora, NE

Hamilton County AED Partnership
In 2004 the Hamilton County AED Partnership was formed  and an initial $12,000 grant was provided  by the Farr Foundation to furnish six Law Enforcement vehicles with AEDs.  In 2005, we received a $30,000 federal grant from the Office of Rural Health Policy to provide 17 additional AEDs to our County.  Since then, we have grown our Partnership to 63 AEDs in use throughout the County.   We currently have 27 public access AEDs in public buildings and agencies to include seven churches, and all schools in Hamilton County.  We have 18 Emergency Services AEDs  to include all Fire Departments and Law Enforcement vehicles in Hamilton County.  We also have 18 AEDs in eight different businesses.  If you are interested in getting an AED for your facility or would like some additional information talk to Timothy Graham the AED Partnership Coordinator at [email protected]  
Public Buildings
  • Aurora Aquatic Facility
  • Aurora Elementary
  • Aurora High School -2
  • Aurora Middle School
  • Bremer Community Center
  • East Park Villa
  • Four Diamond Sports Complex
  • Giltner Public Schools
  • Hamilton County Court House
  • Hamilton County Fairgrounds -2
  • Hamilton Manor
  • Hampton Lutheran School
  • Hampton Public Schools
  • High Plains Public Schools - 3
  • Messiah Lutheran Church
  • Monroe Evangelical Free Church
  • Pleasant View Church
  • Senior Center
  • St. John's Lutheran Church
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church
  • Stockham Community Church
  • The Leadership Center
  •  United Methodist Church
Emergency Services
  • Aurora Fire Dept.
  • Aurora Poliec Dept. - 6
  • Giltner Fire Dept.
  • Hamilton County Sheriff's Office - 6
  • Hampton Fire Dept.
  • Hordville Fire Dept.
  • Marquette Fire Dept.
  • Phillips Fire Dept.
  • Aurora Coop Main -2
  • Bonnavila - 2
  • Iams Pet Food- 6
  • International Sensor Systems
  • Jones Dental Clinic
  • Penner Manufacturing
  • Penner Athletic Courts
  • Penner Patient Care